Funko Games and "Prospero Hall" bought by Goliath

Just the name, none of the designers, whoever they may be.


The Goliath Corporation welcomes open and responsible corporate affairs but also upholds the right to defend itself against those wishing to harm the good work it does for the citizenry. If you know who these people are it is your moral responsibility to tell us. Call (in confidence) our Goliath ‘Helpful Citizen Hotline’ 700-STOOLY. There may be a cash reward.


Thank god they’re protecting the Funko Pop legacy.


I will confess to a basic bias in that I always found Funko Pops ugly and vaguely creepy. But I’m told the game was actually jolly good, and where else can you have the Golden Girls versus a vampire?

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I got the version of their Groundhog Day game that comes with a toy groundhog. Mostly because the price difference was very small, and I thought “what the heck”. It’s entirely unnecessary to the game.(And it wasn’t from Amazon, so that’s less “exclusive” than suggested in this photo.)


It’s still weird, but definitely less weird than their figures of people.