Fully-illustrated standard card decks

Traditional card decks have fancy Ace and Face cards, but the 2-10 cards are usually plain. Some decks have illustrations on every card, though, such as this:

The only such deck I have1 is the Regicide deck.

Which other fully illustrated traditional card decks do you know of or own? And where can we get them from? :‍)

1 Not strictly true – I also have a deck illustrating different butterflies, and another with pictures of Scottish castles. There are probably hundreds of “arbitrarily slap a picture on each card” memorabilia-style decks, so perhaps we can omit the more egregious cases from the thread.

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I have a set of Mucha playing cards

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Dark Horse produced a deck of Dragon Age Inquisition playing cards where every card bears a different illustration in the style of the tarot card images used throughout that game. I own it and they’re fucking gorgeous. Unfortunately, they’re also out of print as far as I can tell.

There’s also a second deck that I see a few places saying they have but not anywhere I’ve ever heard of and I don’t own it.

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I don’t own any, but I’m also fond of transformation decks - where the pip patterns, or at least counts, are retained and made part of the illustration.


Transformation decks are brilliant :slight_smile: I wrote a book on playing cards a few years back and was going to use these (public domain) images, but in the end someone with a modern transformation deck got involved and we used his deck instead. But yes, transformation decks are where the typical pips are drawn over to make pictures on every card:


I have them. Think I got them from the Bioware store years ago - back before shipping stuff from the US was ridiculously expensive. I’ve also got some Dragon Age II cards that they did, but they’re not very good and only have art on the usual face cards.

I also have some DC Bomshells cards that have art throughout, but the 2-10 art is the same regardless of suit.