Frosthaven: Did The World's Biggest Game Just Get Bigger?



Aaaah, remember the days when Matt dismissed gloomhaven out of hand before he played it for being some bloated Kickstarter? Good times.


“The core design of the game is resilient enough that it means getting rules wrong is massively unlikely…”

Matt, WHAT are you talking about?

“…to actually spoil the game in any way.”

Oh ok. I got garden pathed.


My favorite part though is Tom’s GOTY.


I enjoyed this review. I think Matt was spot on about the core thrust of this. Particularly the things about the design elements any choices based on community responses. For me the biggest issue there is the maps being not set up able at the start. I miss the planning and I hate the break in play where more stuff is searched for. It’s the most suggested ‘improvement’ to GH. Allegedly for immersion, it breaks my immersion with a lot of searching for little tiles. I also laughed really hard at the jokes around excel.

I didn’t have much need for Tom’s sections. The insert but just annoyed me as I know how poor the GH folded space insert is and it looks actively less good than the included storage. That may have led me to being unfair on the skit but I didn’t laugh at all. Maybe it’s worthwhile for some to know about Tom’s JotL preference but I’m struggling to see the value when there’s been those disclaimers at the start of the review.




The mere thought of assembling that Folded Space insert fills me with horror. I’ve bought just one of their inserts (for Mysterium as the original insert didn’t have space for the cards from the expansions), and it took me hours to put together. My comments on that must have been on the old forum, but from memory I think it was 5 hours. Much too long. People who aren’t me would do it faster, but I found the whole painstaking process absolutely awful.

I would nevertheless still consider getting another if I need something, but if I ever do I shall just wrap tape around the outside of each box to hold it together, and be done with it. I never want to glue one of those things ever again.

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I have Frosthaven sitting here, unopened, and thr video has convinced me to do what I was already suspicious might be for the best… finish Gloomhaven first.