Fortune and Glory - revised edition pre-order

Flying Frog have a pre-order link for the Revised edition of FANG, for $100 instead of $170. It’s a “package” which includes some extras.

Retail date in the US is April 18th, this pre-order will ship early so you receive it by then.

Details on the changes:

“This new Revised Edition of Fortune and Glory includes a revised Rulebook, including updated rules for Temples, and errata from the last 13 years since the original was released. We cleaned up some card layouts, making some small text easier to read, redesigned the Game Box and Vac Tray for a better size and aspect ratio to fit on your game shelf (and the new tray can hold a lot of additional material). The Game Board has been updated to a “six-fold” style to fit well in the new box. We created new Die-Cut Tokens for “Fortune” and “Glory” which stack easily and are more clearly defined in size between the 1-piece and 5-piece coins. We included handsome new deluxe 16mm dice in pearl Gold and pearl Steel colors. This new edition is fully compatible with previous expansions and card supplements. We believe that this new edition is the best version of the game and are excited to get it into the hands of long-time fans of the game, as well as brand new players just discovering it!”

In the UK, the revised game is showing up on store sites for around £81 (zatu) £89 or £99. Given that $100 is £75 BEFORE insane international postage, probably worth going for the £81 version.


Forbidden Planet says the retail is due in the UK on 10th of June.

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GameNerdz has the pre-order for this, minus the extra bits, for $60.

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Zatu is saying 30th June, Forbidden Planet 08th July. Apparently Spiral Galaxy have been sitting on UK Flying Frog boxes for a full month now.

Sad. I got mine like two months ago.

Zatu now saying “coming soon”, Forbidden Planet 05th August, Chaos Cards “July-September”.

Yeah, don’t know why the delays.

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Zatu have a bit of a rep for… optinism.

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Forbidden Planet still saying 5th of August.
Zatu in an exciting development now saying 4th of OCTOBER. Uh huh.

They’re traveling via zeppelin!