Forgotten Futures: Cabin 12a and Moon 02

Especially for people who’ve been wondering about all those Doctor Crowther references…

@BigJackBrass, @Lordof1 and Amelia play the adventures from Forgotten Futures: The Log of the Astronef.

“Everyone dies of peritonitis!”

Session 01 - Forgotten Futures Log of the Astronef Cabin12a: A complete adventure based o

Session 01 - Forgotten Futures Moon02 - part 01: Ladies and gentlemen, we intend to return… to the moon!

Session 02 - Forgotten Futures Moon02 - part 02: Space exploration in a more civilised age. Except for Dr Crowther.

Session 03 - Forgotten Futures - Moon 02 part 03: Terrible place for a party - no atmosphere at all.

Session 04 - Forgotten Futures - Moon 02 part 04: The bum-clunching finale!

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