Food Chain Magnate: The Ketchup Mechanism and Other Ideas

Have tried some modules in this expansion. Some I can’t say much without further plays, but some of these are easy additions and can do feedback very quickly.

Night Manager (all entry level staff operates twice) - only played one game and the RG player seem to run away with it. But I’d like to see more plays of this.

Hard Choices (In the base game: marketer and trainer milestones are inaccessible after Round 2, RG milestone after R3) - I’ll be trying this one out from now on, and with this, the Marketer Trainee opening looks very appealing that I will suggest Trainer, Marketer, and Recruiter Girl as openings to my players.


I have only played with new milestones, and I like how it shakes up the game, but with no other modules I’m not sure yet if there’s any real choice other than marketing to start.

Expanding on Hard Choice - I’ve been playing with the Marketer opening a few times now, but I am always the most experienced player. So, I manage the Marketer rush towards the $20 and $100 milestones. It’s still a question on how viable the Marketer is with base game.

New Reserve Cards - first play with these cards and I really like the idea so far. Instead of determining the amount of the bank, it determines the base price the of game ($5, $10, or $20). It answers the big pacing question of the game - just like the original reserve cards - but there’s now a new angle where salaries can be cheaper or costlier. We had $20 base price in the game and selling just one item can pay for 4 skilled employees - even more if you sold to a house with a garden. Keen to play more with these cards from here on.

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