Floor plans for modern games

I don’t often play RPGs that need a tactical map, but sometimes it’s handy to keep track of where things are – especially in a video chat game where I can’t make a casual sketch. And I assume that if I were using Roll20 or whatever I could import images into that.

A thing I didn’t know about until I started looking: there are quite a few firms in the USA that will sell you full plans for a house, that you then give to your local builders to put up on an empty lot. They charge quite a lot for these plans, which is fair enough. But to get you to buy them, they put the floorplans and maybe some rendered images up on the site.

I recently found House Plans – Archival Designs which, unlike many of the sites, has some truly huge houses, the sort of thing my player characters tend to invade. Commercial property plans, offices and such, are harder to find, and similarly apartments – any recommendations?


I feel that clicking on that link may take me too far behind the curtain! :joy:

I’d also mention that outside at least, google maps can zoom down to pretty close to being a tactical map :slight_smile:

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