Flamme Rouge Tour de Noël

It’s been a while, but I still have the software. Anyone up for another Tour?

Suggestion: each player nominates their favourite stage.

grand-tour.pdf (41.4 KB)


Yeah! I’m in

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You might as well also specify your team colour, and which sort of riders you want.

For anyone who hasn’t used them before:

  • Rouleur as in the standard game, 3…7 ×3, 75 total energy
  • Sprinteur as in the standard game, 2…5 and 9 ×3, 69 total energy
  • Puncheur 2,3,5,6,8 ×3, 72 total energy
  • Grimpeur 2…4,6,7 ×3, 66 energy, uphill speed limit is 7 rather than standard 5
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Yes please. Green and standard team plz …

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Yaaaas! Can I be Pink, and a Sprinter/Puncher team :biking_man::mountain_biking_man::biking_man:


Blue and sprinter/grimpeur please!

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Rouler/Puncheur team pls

OK, space for up to two more players… if you have a favourite track please nominate it, or I’ll try to get some images together shortly.

Here are all the courses:

My vote is on Roubaix

If each other player picks one, then I drop in two more at “random”, I think that should work.

Mende looks suitably hideous :grin:

Carcassone. Obviously

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In keeping with the apparent theme of masochism, let’s do Col de Portet :smirk_cat::dizzy_face:

OK, I’ve shuffled those. Let’s finish with Champs-Élysées and start with Peloton stage 7. Which means:

Setup order:

  • @DJCT (green)
  • Whistle_Pig (blue)
  • GabrielH (pink)
  • lalunaverde (red)

(Luna, if you’d rather a different colour just say.)

I’ve edited a couple of links into the first post: my Grand Tour rules, including variable mountain points for variable climb length, and the README of the software I’m using, which includes a “player briefing” section.

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I’m cool with red

Green for go. R A and S C please!

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@Whistle_Pig to place.

G D and S E please

@GabrielH please.