Financial Transparency

Some people have been kind enough to send me money to support this forum. I think it’s about time I had a thread to tell people what’s going on. I will leave this locked so that it just shows the state of play - if you want to talk about it, you can do it elsewhere or contact me directly.

I’m going to be arbitrary and assign ⅔ of the hosting cost of the server to the forum (because it’s probably roughly that proportion of what the server’s doing - it’s also a backup mailserver and VPN endpoint for me). Because I pay in Euros, the cost will vary a bit, sometimes retroactively.

This is not a request for money - it’s just so that those of you who’ve contributed can see roughly what’s going on. If you do decide you want to contribute, will reach me - please make a note in the memo that it’s for as I take payment for several things through that account.


April 2020
brought forward: £0.00
received: £73.21
expense: £29.21
carried forward: £44.00


May 2020
brought forward: £44.00
received: £28.64
expense: £29.03
carried forward: £43.61

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June 2020 (subject to change)
brought forward: £43.61
received: £30
expense: £29.03

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