FFG Star Wars / Genesys System

I was definitely too deeply mired in the tenacious tail-end of whatever virus has been ailing me to fully concentrate on the system, but it still doesn’t grab me. Lots of sorting which dice to roll, rolling, cancelling everything out and being left with no real effect. At this point I think I’m simply not sure what the system is trying to do.

I must admit to being won over, at least a little - there is definitely a visceral pleasure in rolling all the pretty dice, and I think the game runs along nicely - definitely more quickly than Savage Worlds, my experience of which is repeatedly using ‘bennies’ to little or no effect. Character creation is quick and relatively painless. I’m enjoying it, but I will admit to feeling a certain (and probably age-related) ‘Do I really need another system?’ At this stage in my life, I think a system has to bring something quite different to the table to make it worth learning all the rules for.

Overall, I’m enjoying it, because there’s a goblin inside me that likes the shiny shiny dice.


2 actual game sessions in, hopefully everyone is starting to get an idea of what the dice mean and do.
For me, I like the way the dice help to describe the actions of the players, and definitely help guide the way the story progresses (even Nick’s Ozzie making them stay a little longer at the homestead than they expected…)

Listening to the Fallout sessions and reading the genesys pdf I agree with the savage worlds comparison.

I’m thinking of using Genesys with the heroes of Rura-Tonga setting. I hadn’t found a ruleset yet I liked for it but I think Genesys will work well.

There is an online Genesys die roller.