Fast Sloths: opinions sought

Hey All. Quick post to see if anyone has any experience of playing Fast Sloths by Friedemann Friese and would have an opinion to share?

Usually at Christmas we’ll get a board game for our kid as part of his Christmas gift. He is mad about sloths and generally loves anything that features them, but he also plays quite a lot of games. So while the theme would go a long way, it still needs to be a good game if it’s going to get played regularly.

We play a few race games already, Quest for El Dorado, Jamaica, even some Automobiles. We don’t have as many Pick up and deliver games, except perhaps Flash Point: Fire Rescue. But he enjoys all of the above.

It’s rare that there’ll be more than the 3 of us playing a game together, and the usual number would be just 2 of us. BGG feedback seems to be that it needs higher player counts to shine.

So if anyone has an opinion on it, I’d be grateful to hear it. Cheers!


I have no opinion on it, but Mark from Board Game Barrage spoke about it on a podcast recently iirc. I’ll try to find the link

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Nice one, that’s not a podcast I listen to so I’ll definitely check it out and see what they thought. :+1:

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