Fan Transcriptions for IRTD - call for volunteers

In the spirit of InkyBloc’s SUSD transcription project, I’ve been looking at transcribing episodes of Improvised Radio Theatre with Dice. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while, as there’s a huge variety of topics and ideas in the podcast, but the audio format doesn’t make it easy to track down things you vaguely remember hearing. InkyBloc’s post also reminded me that it would make the podcast more accessible.

I’ve been using Otter for a while and find it good for auto-transcription, though it does struggle with our specialist gaming vocabulary. Roger and Mike have seen a transcription of Episode 2: In Space, and cautiously approved the experiment. However, I’d struggle to make quick inroads in the back catalogue due to other demands.

Is there anyone else who’d be interested in helping out with this? I would add you to an Otter group where you’d have access to the auto-transcribed episodes through their website, or an app if you prefer. Basically you can edit a transcript as you listen, doing bits here and there when you have time. It’s also somewhat intelligent and learns to more accurately transcribe each speaker through the corrections we make - which is the reason I’m keeping the transcription in Otter itself. You might find it a nice opportunity to have a play around with Otter, if it’s something you might be interested in.