Expo is dead. Long live NotXpo!

Dragon Fanciers… has attracted exactly one (1) player, so I’m pulling it from today. I may well be running this independently some time in the next couple of weeks - anyone wanting more information about that, just message me.

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Welcome to the forums @Caribet!

Shout if you need anything.

Similarly, two players isn’t really enough for The Fractured Mind, but I’d be happy to run it at some other time.

@pillbox That’s a shame but I totally understand and I want to thank you for setting it up. Whenever you decide to run it again save me a (virtual) seat.

I think you used the wrong @

Probably @Phil_Masters

Doh! your right I did use the wrong @ :frowning_face:. It should have been @RogerBW as I was refering to the cancellation of the The Fractured Mind. Appologies to you both for getting you mixed up.

(I think I need to go get some sleep as it’s 1:30 in the morning here and it’s been a looonng week).


Sorry to lose Fractured Mind, but I imagine I can get into a later run.

I’m certainly happy to run it at some point.

Okay, House of Broken Clockwork only got the one sign-up, so I’ll defer running that one to a later date too.

Oh well. I gather virtual Kraken was this weekend too.