Expo is dead. Long live NotXpo!

Yes, here.

I’m interested in either running or playing something.
I wonder whether the best way to do signups might be to abuse the poll function. Maybe something like this. I fear that if you vote by accident you can’t un-vote, though…

Sorry, two players isn’t really enough for this.

The Fractured Mind

Summer 1926: a weekend house-party has ended in murder. The Great Detective, and his team of assistants, investigate; but is this really mere human evil? Up to 6 players. Lovecraftian horror in GURPS 4th edition, no experience needed. Run over Jitsi.

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  • Not players:

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Make a second option called “No thanks, I’m just here to undermine expectations”…

Or probably: “Not Players:”

Looks plausible to me.

Can anyone propose a game?

As pointed out here there seems to be a lack of interest in this. I wonder if that’s because people are waiting for someone else to go first, in which case I’m happy to do that.

I have never played online but I’m looking forward to the experience.


Absolutely. RPG, boardgame, whatever. I suggest you include:

  • time of starting and rough duration (and if you use the “calendar” thing in the editor it’ll do time zones too)
  • game description
  • medium (jitsi, zoom, TTS, BGA, etc.)
  • number of players (min-max)
  • some way for people to indicate that they want to join (wiki post, poll, etc.)

Lovely! I’ll get back to you all very soon.

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Ghost Lines

"It is the year 891 of the Imperium that united the shattered isles of the cataclysm under one rule — all glory to his majesty the Immortal Emperor.

You work the ghost lines—the electro-railroad that passes through the ink-dark deadlands between cities. Spirits of the dead, drawn to the vital essence of the living, often get entangled in the powerful electrical field generated by the trains. Line bulls like you walk the length of the cars, magnetized boots clanking and breather-mask hissing, to clear the offending spirits with your lightning-hooks before they do too much damage."

Grim quasi-Victorian steampunk ghostbusters facing the unknown on trains crossing the bleakest wasteland.


Four players max, two minimum. If you want to play, please message me by 29 May 8PM (Central European Time) and I’ll update this post.

Total beginners and seasoned RPG veterans are very welcome to join. Playing time includes rules explanations, breaks, and hopefully some chit-chat to break the ice. The entire game is here, if you’re curious.

We’ll have both the X-card and Lines an Veils as safety tools at the table, to keep things nice and inclusive.

We’ll play over video chat with Jitsi or Talky. No account needed, but please download the app if you plan on playing from a tablet or phone.

PS: English is not my first language, just so you know.

EDIT: I’ve changed the date


Dragon Fanciers of Quirm

2020-05-29T13:00:00Z for 3-4 hours
A Discworld Roleplaying Game Scenario

Trading Gate Watch House Patrol no.1 get given a lot of special cases in exchange for a couple of extra dollars a month. Well, it’s nice to be well regarded by Commander Vimes, and less boring than most police work. But this latest case looks set to be a bit tricky. It’s a crime that nobody has reported, and you’re definitely not investigating it as a personal favour for the Commander, or Lady Sybil. On top of which, the stolen property – if there is any – is violently dangerous, sometimes explosive, and possibly inbred. The same may go for its owner.

On the other hand, you have a free hand to investigate this however you like. Just so long as you don’t break regulations, annoy the Commander, embarrass his wife, burn down the city, or fail to find out what’s going on and make someone stop it. Who knows, you might even be able to put in for some overtime.

4-5 players, running over Jitsi (if I can beg the hospitality of Roger’s server), or Zoom as a fallback. If you’re interested, message me - I’ll update this post if the game fills up.


The House of Broken Clockwork

A dark(ish) urban fantasy tale of inexplicable discoveries and missing persons.
2020-05-31T13:00:00Z, 3-4 hours

There’s a ruined house on the edge of town. Some of you know that there’s some strange stuff been showing up there. Some of you just know that a teenager has gone missing. So although you’re ordinary people, you’re all converging on the place for reasons of your own. Maybe it’s your job, maybe it’s your obsession… But none of you know what you’re getting into. After all, how could you? Ordinary people think that the world makes sense.

To be run using GURPS; 4-5 players, running over Jitsi (if I can beg the hospitality of Roger’s server), or Zoom as a fallback. If you’re interested, message me - I’ll update this post if the game fills up.


I’d like to play in “Dragon Fanciers” on Friday


Dragon Fanciers… has attracted exactly one (1) player, so I’m pulling it from today. I may well be running this independently some time in the next couple of weeks - anyone wanting more information about that, just message me.

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Welcome to the forums @Caribet!

Shout if you need anything.

Similarly, two players isn’t really enough for The Fractured Mind, but I’d be happy to run it at some other time.

@pillbox That’s a shame but I totally understand and I want to thank you for setting it up. Whenever you decide to run it again save me a (virtual) seat.

I think you used the wrong @

Probably @Phil_Masters

Doh! your right I did use the wrong @ :frowning_face:. It should have been @RogerBW as I was refering to the cancellation of the The Fractured Mind. Appologies to you both for getting you mixed up.

(I think I need to go get some sleep as it’s 1:30 in the morning here and it’s been a looonng week).


Sorry to lose Fractured Mind, but I imagine I can get into a later run.

I’m certainly happy to run it at some point.