Tips for getting into beginner friendly games?

In the last couple of months I’ve managed to take part in a couple of one shots at virtual cons. The Princess Bride was great craic and we all had a good laugh. Playing Doctor Who yesterday was a real bore though (issues with the GM rather than anything else).

So does anyone have any ideas for ways to get into a game as a beginner? Any virtual events you know of that are coming up that have beginner friendly events? Or games that are easy enough to get into in a family environment?


Roger is running a mini online con, are there still slots @RogerBW?


Right here, not been a lot of interest but you never know.

More generally, hmm. At conventions in normal times most events are beginner-friendly; if it’s not D&D/Pathfinder, which are 90%+ of the market, it may well be sponsored by a company that wants you to buy the rules. Certainly the GURPS demos I run always say something like “no rules knowledge needed”. If it’s a new system (like The Princess Bride) there will probably also be an assumption that most people don’t know it yet.


One other thing @Luke, how do you want to play? Is it at home with others, online? Have you preferences?


If I can be that person for a second, the game really depends on what you want to play and who you play with.

I know beginners that are looking forward to dip into 14500 pages of rules detailing every aspect of dice manipulation, and experts that can’t stand that.

I personally introduced new players to a first game with The Black Hack or with Forget Me Not, because the first wanted a DnD-esque fantasy adventure, the other ultraweird David Lynch-like improv collaborative storytelling.
What I am saying is that if a game looks interesting to you, that’s probably the game for you.

Anyway, If I may suggest a few free games to get you started, Lady Blackbird, Lasers and Feelings (and its fantasy hack Sorcerers and Sellswords), the above mentioned Black Hack, and 1000 Years Under the Sun (another map drawing game a la The Quiet Year)are nice, and practically live on my mobile phone in case I need something for a pick-up game.

For playing, I know that the Gauntlet Community - an online gaming community focussing on indie games- is doing a series of beginners games, to get people playing while in isolation.

I hope it helps!