Essen/SPIEL 2023 (Okt. 5-8)

As every year… (yes, yes forum my topic is similar to other topics) SPIEL is happening.

And the preview is out:

And to nobody’s surprise: Devir, Suchy, and CGE reign supreme in the hype list. Still… the hive’s taste is fine with me–I partially agree with it :wink:

I made my own list of what I am looking forward to before the preview came out so there is that.

My own plans this year are not quite finalized. I hope we’re going because more and more I go to meet people and missing out on that would be worse than missing out on the crazy shopping experience and the games.

So who else is going, considering, planning?


I’ll be there. I have a hotel booked. Haven’t even thought about what’ll be there yet…


I want to go, really enjoyed last year. But haven’t booked anything yet, that might well change now we have a proper announcement.

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Apparently the Shut Up and Sit Down people want some help:

(I’m assuming this is from Twitter; I saw it here.)

I just booked a hotel–our friends are traveling–for Thursday-Saturday and bought tickets. Yay :smiley: Now I just need a train ticket for getting there early Thursday (my partner will follow in the evening, giving me a day for solo shopping) and preserving his vacation days :wink:

Yay. So excited.


Got a hotel (about 20 minutes’ walk from the Messe). Got my exhibitor’s parking ticket (the car will be staying under the Messe all show, because the hotel doesn’t have parking). I should probably bring my cargo net in case I overload the games-trolley…


I am staying in Mülheim where our friends live but Hotel this time. I figured out last year that Öffis work really nicely from Mülheim and I am too late booking because I didn’t know for the longest time if I had the time and energy to go.


Yeah, I’ve stayed there before (at the Holiday Inn Express), but I wanted to be somewhere a bit more central. And since this hotel is to the north of the Messe, I’ll be walking past the Currywurst stand each evening.


I guess it’s time to ask: Who wants me to bring them back Nokosu Dice? (Or anything else really.)

Don’t pay in advance. Give me a maximum € price, and once I’m back in the UK I’ll post the things to you, or hand them over in person or at another convention (e.g. ACNW or ACWest).


Thanks, Roger! I’m keen on a copy, please. I doubt it will be higher than 25 EUR.


I hope they bring enough copies. I’m a bit worried that they’ll sell out first thing Thursday morning.

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I will not be there first thing. my train is a bit late because I didn’t want to get up at 5 only at 6:30. but I can also go check ASAP. I want the game as well and I’ll definitely meet with Roger at some point.

Thanks! Probably a good idea, I’ll be working the opening shift at Indie as usual so not available for shopping till lunchtime. (Total of three copies wanted so far, one for me and one for a Zatu-blogs colleague.)

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Setting out at 0430 tomorrow…

I shall be working at 3V103 (Indie Game Studios / Indie Boards and Cards / Stronghold).

Thursday: opening until 1430
Friday and Saturday: all day
Sunday: from 1415 till close of show

On past form I’ll be able to chat as time allows, but the demos I’m running have to come first.

Best way to get in touch with me on site is SMS or Signal. I have the same number as last year.


I will be leaving very early Thursday morning.
Best way to contact me is Signal, second best is here :slight_smile:
I will try to get those copies of Nokosu Dice. Right after I get there and will then hand them over to Roger :slight_smile:


Can I have a copy of Nokusu Dice please?

I’m also very interested if either of you get to Demo Terra Pyrimides.


So that makes it 4 copies or were you included in the previous 3?

I will definitely be looking for Terra Pyramides…
It is quite high on my interest list.

Games on my shortlist (excluding games already preordered or owned or I am planning to buy anway)

  • Terra Pyramides. K&K
  • Nucleum (a glowing nuclear iteration on Brass? With more punk? Brass already got steam.)
  • Empire‘s End (John D Clair does a Civ game)
  • Evacuation (first Suchy in a long time that looks interesting to me)
  • Solar Sphere… something something area majority dice and building a dyson sphere it has to be good :upside_down_face:
  • Mlem Space Agency - cats in space by Knizia, what could be bad?
  • From the Moon—science fiction theme and cover and a friend who is also interested put this on my list.
  • Nekojima—a neat looking dexterity thingy
  • Newsboys (Saashi & Saashi)
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That’s a fourth copy. (Can hand over at Airecon W or NW or maybe Gridcon.)


I’m not going to any of those, but happy to wait until the main Aire Con again


Kutna Hora is the game that’s piqued my interest the most.