Ereader advice wanted

My Kobo Aura One has died, so I’m looking for a replacement.

  • No larger than the Aura One (7.8" diagonal). My older Glo (6") was fine.
  • eInk display. (Or I’d just use my phone.)
  • Ideally, a slightly more responsive touchscreen, or at least one that one can calibrate when it drifts.
  • I will load on ePub (and other format) files from my own collection. I do not care about network connectivity, OverDrive, shopping interfaces, etc.; the fewer of these are present, the better. (So Kindle is probably out.)

There seem to be quite a few recent Kobo models with no obvious reason to choose one over another. Anyone have experience? Or want to recommend a non-Kobo option?

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If you’ve not already seen it, have a look at Good e-Reader - E-Reader News and Reviews

I don’t think it’s an entirely unbiased news and review site (mainly because they sell e-readers) but it does feature pretty much everything on the market, including various models that use Android as their base. Gives a good idea of what’s available, at least.


My current reader is a Kobo Libra 2. I switched from a Kindle Oasis 2 because I was increasingly irritated with the changes Amazon was making to the Kindle OS UI and the several different technical issues I was routinely experiencing, like certain books (as best as I can tell) breaking the indexing so it would reboot every 10-20 minutes (slowly, of course) and burn through a ton of battery in the process. So far the Libra has hit all the same highs (like blessed physical page turn buttons) for significantly less money. It’s also more stable, has direct on-device integration with the Overdrive system for library books, natively supports epub, etc etc. Unfortunately it does have some of the things I didn’t like about Kindle UI changes, like a home page that advertises the store to you instead of defaulting to My Books, and a vertically scrolling My Books page. But they’re less obtrusive and the Home screen does have the advantage of giving you a quick tap into a collection of other books by whatever author you’ve most recently read. And it doesn’t have a mysterious, annoying gesture I only ever activate unintentionally that resizes the text on me. Though the flip side is that weirdly, Kobo store/library books have a significantly smaller font than the stuff I’m loading from my own collection, so I keep having to swap size settings when I switch between the two types of book.

Also, it has a (sold separately) cover that will fold into a stand for the book, which is great. I honestly don’t know exactly what else is out there, I’ve pretty much only used Kindle and Kobo. But while I still think Kindle is a pretty good experience overall (and a much better store experience, on the web) and wouldn’t tell people not to do Kindle, I do think I’d recommend Kobo more, and certainly more so than Kindle given your particular parameters. I definitely wouldn’t recommend the top end model (I forget what it’s called) to you though as it’s larger than your top end and the big selling point seems to be stylus support for making notes on ebooks. Unless you need to do that, which I don’t (but my girlfriend does, as she edits stuff that way), that’s an easy $100+ saved. I can vouch for the Libra 2 being excellent so far. I personally would not go for any device without page turn buttons as I despise relying on the touchscreen for that, especially in Minnesota’s climate as someone who reads while waiting for a bus outdoors not infrequently. But if you don’t have that particular hangup the new Clara’s probably good too? IDK.

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Oh, so much this. I’ve had a kindle for quite some time, and it’s now hard to use. What the fuck, amazon? You had a thing that excellent, and you’ve made it suck enough that I am not buying another. (the actual reading experience is still mostly fine, though they’ve made the controls for font sizes harder to use. But the ‘find a book you know you have’ part sucks. And it changes drastically with no notice. Pick the thing up, and oh, new kindle os version, new UI.

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I do not care about network connectivity, OverDrive, shopping interfaces, etc.; the fewer of these are present, the better. (So Kindle is probably out.)

It seems Kindle is also out because you want to use the epub format. Which I understand very well, it is the reason I don’t use a Kindle.

But I have a German brand reader, so that’s not a big help for you.


Unless it could be bought at retail in Essen this weekend. :slight_smile:

But in fact the Libra 2 was one of the models I was considering, and thanks to @malkav11 I’ve now ordered one.


Oh true, you could have done that :slight_smile:

The Tolino is the product used / promoted by all German (big) bookstore chains as an alternative to Amazon with their Kindle.

Smart move actually because otherwise they lose a ton of customers because people have to use Amazon with Kindle.

Tbh I think most devices work well enough, it is just the little details which can get annoying but these you have to find out for yourself.