Episode 98: Not Even an Italian Ninja

This month, Roger and Mike delve into taxonomy, looking at types of thieves and what players want from a game.

We mentioned Acts of God, Troika at the Bundle of Holding (until 1 February), Piquet and The Too Fat Lardies, Itras By, Forbidden Lands at the Bundle of Holding (until 8 February), Blades in the Dark, Leverage, Mission: Impossible, Transhuman Space, Wives and Sweethearts, the first and the second Thomas Crown Affairs, Strike Force, Unknown Armies, Reign, Hamlet’s Hit Points, The Two-Headed Serpent,

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com.

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TROIKA! Mike, you are just wrong, and when I get my starfish headed lemur round your gaff Ill make my point with my blancmange trowel…

Playing Crooks: or “we love a caper, but it’s bad”. Well one could say TOSH but there is a simple solution for the morally handicapped… play the cops hunting down the cold hearted crooks. (Or just go grey and play spies). This is best exemplified by my two favourite Traveller books: Scoundrel and Agent. Flipsides of the same coin, almost every criminal caper can be reversed as an undercover or at least caper like investigation.

I think these are two supplements worthy of a read by any modern-SF GM or player, even if you don’t play Traveller.



There is a reason why “Mission: Impossible” is a Thing I Always Say. :slight_smile: I genuinely believe that it’s an underappreciated model for doing a “good guys” caper show. (And I’d love to have a campaign that includes the dossier scene, where the players can decide to leave their regular PC out of the action in order to play a specialist of the week.)