Episode 94: A Large Tick in my Book of Vengeance

This month, Roger and Mike generate a character for Ars Magica, and worry about not fitting into the campaign.

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Roger’s Firefly game, GURPS Reign of Steel: Will to Live, Colony, Transhuman Space, GURPS Banestorm, Firefly wiki, GURPS Tales of the Solar Patrol, and Dan Dare.

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I wrote out my magus on paper, as I dislike metacreator and prefer the old-fashioned way.

I don’t think you need a magus and companion to occupy similar roles (though some people do, purely down the sorts of character they usually play). The joy of troupe style is that you can have a range of characters and explore different niches for them and different parts of the game world. Are you always the good guy? Have one character who is upstanding and noble, and another character who is a bit dodgy, get the chance to something slightly different.

I see the Guernicus has Imaginem but no Creo. It doesn’t matter, the most useful spells using Imaginem for a starting wizard are the level 10 “Aura of ennobled presence” and “Wizard’s sidestep”, the first helping socially and the second one making sure the first shot against you in combat misses unless your opponent can see through illusions. These spells are easy enough a few points in Imaginem should be enough to allow you to cast.

If you plan on being an investigator, it may be worth looking at spell mastery and understanding how you can learn quiet casting and subtle casting masteries so you can cast without people noticing. If you really like spell masteries, Quaesitors have their own special mastery in the Houses of Hermes: True Lineages book.

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Yes… though I think Diligentus would regard both of those spells as deception, even if the metaphysics of the setting don’t punish him for it. He’s plain-speaking to the point of bluntness…

I can’t work out if Michael and Roger are deliberately ignoring the 800-pound gorilla in the room or if they’re legitimately not familiar with the phenomenon that was Baywatch. (And Roger, did the old Flash Gordon serials have slow motion? Yes, they had cake both beef and cheese, but I’m pretty sure slow motion for lingering sex appeal was an 80s invention.)

I’m also wondering which of you is going to fill this obvious gap in the GURPS canon and write GURPS Beach Patrol.

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I have never seen Baywatch.

And no, I agree, Flash Gordon (1935) didn’t have slow motion, but it did have some… unsubtle costuming. (If you like short shorts, you’re in for a treat.)

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Baywatch is pretty much synonymous with “slow-motion bikini show” in the US, even today. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a full episode myself, but I think it almost has to be the source of the slow-motion rule.





I have seen BAYWATCH and I think the bits where I started letching on my memories of it may have got snipped from the final program.


Perhaps I jumped in with Flash Gordon before you got as far as saying the actual name of the thing.

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There was a bit where you were letching on Tru Calling, but Baywatch never came up.

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As an antidote to short shorts, a large tick.