Episode 92: They'll Lie To Me - They're British

This month, Roger and Mike look at the Yellow King Roleplaying Game, worry about being the only one who has a problem with this, and consider an Ars Magica play-by-forum game.

We mentioned the Yellow King RPG, Dreamhounds of Paris, Torg, some pages from Absinthe in Carcosa, Dungeon World, Roger’s Firefly game, Leverage, I See the Joker, and Ars Magica.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com.


Mike’s Firefly captain will be relieved to know that my PC completely and utterly believed her spiel at his job interview that he was being hired by a fine upstanding crew who just needed a bit of muscle for when they encountered reavers and bandits. He’ll be shocked to discover the general level of larceny, mayhem and lax moral codes on board! :grinning:

I too, tend to play the party conscience a lot. Even in games where I’m supposed to be a hard bitten gang member I sometimes find myself going “Er, hang on a minute…” or “WTF?” at fellow PCs’ casual mayhem. I think that’s one of the reasons I’m struggling a bit to run Vampire 5e. Being the good guys and saving the universe isn’t really what lots of people play Vampire for…

I was in a playtest of the Forged in the Dark version of A | State which appeals much more than Blades in the Dark, because your gang is trying to smash the corrupt system and make the city a better place.

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When I’m playing a criminal, I tend to drift towards the practical criminal: “how does this advance our goal of retiring to a nice villa in Spain” rather than “I don’t like the look of him, let’s get him”.

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Excellent episode enjoyed it a lot
I was very intrigued by your descriptions of the Yellow King. I don’t think I would ever have bought it but I do want to try gumshoe sometime. I’ve also never really explored occult roleplay.
I dropped out of the vampire game that you are playing because I couldn’t process playing such an immoral stroke amoral creature
Having played with Mike very occasionally at conventions I have to agree he does tend to play the lawful good character. Loved it every time, by the way.
However I think it’s very good that somebody does that otherwise where is the counterpoint for those who play the immoral characters.
What else can be interesting is when there are two lawful good characters but their own moral codes don’t agree with each other.
I tend to play chaotic good characters and sometimes very lawful characters even lawful evil.
I have adopted the D&D alignment system for this post even though I think it’s crap for an RPG because it does make a very good short hand, doesn’t it?
I look forward to the next episode thank you Mike and Roger.