Episode 91: People are Multipurpose Tools

This month, Mike and Roger consider play styles enforced by game mechanics, and review a couple of unusual RPGs.

We mentioned:

Andrew Rilstone’s personal reminiscence of RPGing, Fellowship at the Bundle of Holding (until 6 July), Tunnels and Trolls at the Bundle of Holding (until 13 July), Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space, UFO Powered by the Apocalypse, King Arthur’s Knights, Pendragon, GUMSHOE, Hamlet’s Hit Points, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer RPG, The Cthulhu Hack, Night’s Black Agents, The Dracula Dossier. GURPS Special Ops, Call of Cthulhu, Monster of the Week, Dread, The Belgariad, Dungeon World, Termination Shock, Space Opera, and Diana: Warrior Princess.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com.


One could argue that the concept of house rules is the inverse - a form of game mechanics that’s enforced by an individual gaming group’s play style.

Which means, of course, that in an alternate dimension with opposite polarity from our own, a pair of gaming enthusiasts called Eluc Leahcim and Tsew-Lleb Regor just posted a recording of their discussion on the topic of house rules in RPGs. :wink:

(And with names like those, they probably mentioned the Uhluhtc fo Llac game, too.)

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Considering our facial hair situation, we are probably their evil twins.

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I prefer the metric of eye patch and shaved facial hair to identify my evil twins. :grinning:

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Really? There’s been precious little in the way of wicked chortles or insane cackling on the podcast, and there’s been a total absence of the distinctive sounds of moustaches being twirled, or goatees being stroked with malice aforethought. If you’re the evil twins, you really ought to up your game. :wink:

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Well, we don’t want to be obvious about it, now do we?

Space Opera sounds like the Get Schwifty episode of Rick & Morty.from 2015.

Never seen it, but my review of the book is here.