Episode 70: I'm Not Quite Sure How You Pervert the Halflings


Phil, thanks - I think the thing I read may have been someone else’s summary of that book.


Oh yeah — another reading that raises legitimate doubts about the hobbit dope-dealers’ relationship with Middle Earth’ military-industrial complex:


My preferred darkening of hobbits specifically was to have a noir storyline about a hobbit detective investigating the involvement of Lotho Sackville-Baggins in trade manipulation and political influence. Just the other week I came up with the perfect name for him: Sam Spade.


I took a look at your tip jar, but the fees for translating AUD into GBP were more than I could face with equanimity. Sorry.


No worries - this is not Patreon, and we don’t regard anyone as a second-class listener for not contributing.


Speaking of contributing: according to my records there are 22 questions or suggestions that I have e-mailed to podcast@tekili.li but to which you and @MichaelCule have not [yet] responded on the podcast. I suppose, though, that you picked the eyes out of the corpus first, and that what remains is a residue of the less promising material. Are you and Professor Cule in need of another consignment of listener value?


Also, it will depend on whether you are using a chart or a gun. For the Royal Navy during many years a “nautical mile” marked on charts and used by navigators was 6080 feet (the Admiralty nautical mile), while the nautical mile used for other purposes (e.g. gunnery) was an even 10 cables/1000 fathoms/6000 feet (the sea mile).


More would certainly be welcome. There are some we’ve decided we can’t do justice to, or that are too similar to things we’ve already done, but I still have twenty messages in the mailbox marked as “take a look at this some time” and most of them are from you.


Then everyone better get scribblin’!