Episode 6: The Peace, Love and Understanding Bomb

In our sixth episode, Roger and Paul talk about games we’ve been playing, then move on to solo wargames: how do they work, and what makes a good one?

Among the games we’ve played, we mentioned:

In “Solo Wargames”, we mentioned:

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The Peloponnesian War is one of favourite solo wargames with a very distinctive mechanic that has you switching sides of the war depending on how well you are doing. So if you start to get the upper hand with the Athenians, you will switch sides to play the Spartans from the ‘losing’ position to see if you can recover their fortunes. If your Spartans then start to dominate, you will switch back to the Athenians. It is a very interesting system that presents an ongoing challenge, and I don’t think there’s any other game with a similar central core mechanic - well worth a look.


I was kicking myself after we recorded for neglecting to metion The Peloponnesian War! It’s such an interesting and unique solo wargame that it deserved a mention. It’s particularly noteworthy for me as it’s the one solo wargame in my collection that I have never won, although come tantalising close a few times.

With hindight I think I spent too much time thinking about what to say about Under Falling Skies and D-Day at Tarawa, and not enough time preparing for the solo wargame discussion!