Episode 3: Pits Are Great

In our third episode, Roger and Lee talk about games we’ve been playing, catch up on the games we swapped last time, and interview Virginia Hixson about the challenges of digital conventions.

Lee’s Dwarf prototype giveaway is here.

Among the games we’ve played, we mentioned:

In “What We Thought About”, we mentioned

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I found Automobiles a lot fiddlier than it needed to be. The benefits of the bag over a deck of cards wasn’t clear to me. It may be that my mild clumsiness makes it not appeal to me.

Sorry, I couldn’t see the merits of the game for the awkwardness of the implementaton.

It would be interesting to try it with cards. Two downsides I can see:

  • You would need 282 of them.
  • You wouldn’t be able to lay out the cubes to plan your move (which isn’t essential, but is pleasing).

But I might try assembling it on Tabletop Simulator some time, which eliminates the first downside…