Episode 17: This Cube is a Sack of Beans

In our seventeenth episode, Lee and Roger talk about games we’ve been playing and take a second look at some we’ve played recently.

We will be happy to sell you stuff.

Among the games we’ve played, we mentioned

And in “What We Thought About”, we mentioned

Main theme: Coffee Stains , Riot; What We Thought About: Deadly Roulette , Kevin MacLeod


Regarding Yggdrasil, I have always considered it a Euro version of a States of Siege. The enemies move back and forth on tracks and you win by keeping them from the endpoint. SoS games use the same concept but graphically it’s different because there is one track per enemy. The end result is exactly the same though.


Welcome, Albert!

Let’s add the States of Siege series to the long list of games that I haven’t played but would really like to.


Interesting - I’ve never played any of the SoS games.

Going to disagree a bit regarding the Arkham Horror LCG as far as finishing a scenario and then having no inclination to play it again. With many of the scenarios, there are multiple endings and (in my case, anyway) you rarely get the “best ending” on the first try, but when playing a campaign, you just move on to the next scenario. It is worth replaying entire campaigns to see if you can do better, and it can also be fun to try it with different characters.

But, as with all games, YMMV.

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