Episode 125: A Strong Antinomian Tendency

This month, Mike and Roger do an end-of-the-season review of one of Roger’s masterpieces and let their inner Grumpy Old Men out to have a rant or two.

We mentioned:

the Occult Secret Service, Liminal, Graydon SaundersThe March North and sequels, The Cthulhu Hack, The Dee Sanction, Ursula Vernon (Nine Goblins), Pathfinder, Thieves’ World, GURPS Magic for 4e, Cyberpunk v3, DC Heroes RPG, and BTRC.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com and other royalty-free sources.


I dropped out of the Occult Cops game because of:

  • Boring Real Life stuff getting in the way of this and some other games.
  • I wasn’t coping with an online game with 6 or 7 people in it.
  • There didn’t seem to be anything for my character to do in some of the scenarios. It was all forensic investigation and I was a breaking & entering/parkour guy.

I was particularly unimpressed by the Traveller investigation timeline:

  1. Ship crashes.
  2. Air-accident investigation team turns up and deduces it was pilot error.
  3. A week later a scrap metal dealer turns up to clear away the wreckage and finds 2 survivors!
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I hate the pretty.

Illustrate if you must, but please don’t decorate.

That would seem like a sackable oversight by air-accident investigation team, I mean we can all miss little things but two survivors?! Unless they were Imskians this seems unforgiveable :slight_smile:

“It was very easy to tell it was pilot error, the pilot was still screaming.”


“Your report says he was found dead at the crash site?”

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