Episode 121: Idioculture

This month, Mike and Roger give each other gifts, and consider how to build an almost-historical setting.

We mentioned: The Fantasy Trip at the Bundle of Holding (until 9 January), 17 USC § 203, white elephants, the board game about gift exchanges, Unknown Armies, Guy Gavriel Kay, and The Curse of Chalion,

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com and other royalty-free sources.


Surprised to hear Roger is running a Liminal game. I had the impression from an earlier podcast that you’d not taken to it at all which I thought was a shame (was hoping to maybe hear more about it from the two of you) since my online group has been enjoying it off and on for the last couple of years and I couldn’t really see what wasn’t to like for running a lightweight modern fantasy in it. Of course we all have varying tastes so I didn’t even mention it at the time. So if you ever lack for something to discuss maybe relate your experience running it after an initial unfavourable impression?

Also Michael’s thoughts on a pseudo historical Rome are making me think of The Trigan empire… I haven’t finished the podcast yet so maybe he notices this too… one could do worse as inspiration for a Greco Roman style cultural remix with odd technologies.

Happy New Year to you both, hoping it is full of enjoyable games and pleasant, recorded interweb chats.

I didn’t take to the system of Liminal, nor to parts of the setting, so I’m running its adventures with GURPS Action characters. :slight_smile: But yeah, could talk more about this.

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Oh, we have been nominated for the ENWorld podcast awards! (Thanks @JGD !) If you have an account and care to vote, here’s where to do it.

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Argh? Yes, I can.