Episode 115: National Amnesia

This month, Mike and Roger contemplate another gameable age: the Stuart Restoration.

Michael would like to recommend: A Gambling Man by Jenny Uglow about Charles II and the years of the Restoration, The Time Traveller’s Guide to Restoration Britain by Ian Mortimer for all that social history stuff and Isaac Newton: the Last Sorcerer by Michael White for The Great Scientist’s unorthodox views and beliefs. He thoroughly apologises for getting Admiral Benbow’s dates confused.

We mentioned:

three GURPS offers at the Bundle of Holding (until 18 July), the Restoration, GURPS Banestorm, George Monck, the Thirty-Nine Articles, William Chiffinch, Nell Gwyn, the Royal Marriages Act 1772, Titus Oates, Ken Hite on the Popish Plot, Colonel Blood, Admiral Benbow, Rochester, Aphra Behn, the Infinite Cabal campaign, Azoth-7, and Emperor Norton.

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The Restoration with no Plague and no Great Fire?

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We were running long already…

Should have ended at the Glorious Revolution.

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There’s definitely a case after the last two episodes for Michael and Roger to do a straight up history podcast! Both recent episodes were very good!

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Thanks! But the history I know anything about is quite limited…

They’d have to think about what market they would then be competing in. There are a lot of excellent history podcasts already.

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