Episode 107: Down These Mean Streets With A Mint Julep

This month, Mike gets Roger to talk about his Second World War campaign, recently ended after fourteen years of play.

We mentioned: Deadlands Noir (at the Bundle of Holding until 8 November), Savage Worlds, Roger’s WWII game, GURPS WWII core book, Ribbon of Memes, the New Forest Coven and the Cone of Power, GURPS Thaumatology, GURPS Thaumatology: Sorcery, the sinking of HMS Hood, the Tizard mission, Chicago Pile-1, and Wives and Sweethearts.

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Music by Kevin MacLeod at incompetech.com and other royalty-free sources.


I definitely don’t know everything, but much of my reading for the last decade has been motivated by this campaign. It was often possible to anticipate what might be relevant a month or two in advance, and read up on it.


Congratulations on the campaign. I cannot imagine running something for that long.
You mentioned playing roughly once a month. How long (hours) were your typical sessions?

Averaging 12 sessions per campaign is not a bad length, especially if they are not focused on combat and level advancement the way most(?) D&D-styled campaigns seems to be.

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When we were meeting face to face, roughly 4-5. This drifted down to about 3-4 when we were playing over videoconference.

(A thing that didn’t come up in the chat - one of the players had to move a couple of hundred miles away, and another became too ill to get to sessions in person, so I was doing various sorts of videoconferencing before it was cool.)

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