Endurance: designer diary

There’s a very interesting designer diary from Amabel Holland on BGG today:

I keep reading about her games and being totally intrigued. Has anyone played any of them? Nicaea caught my interest too.


I’ve played three

The Soo Line is horrid. Northern Pacific and Dual Gauge are S-Class games IMO.


Oh man. The Soo Line. :joy:

Niceae is a good shared-incentives game. The doctrinal arguments acts as some kind of psuedo-shares. And attach it with a Pax-style tableau building

Irish Gauge and Transiberian Railroad are great. North Pacific isnt a standard Cubie but it’s a great abstact game that does a psuedo Waterfall auction really well.

Ppl think Iberian Gauge is good, but meh. I need to try Dinosaur Gauge

I wasnt pleased with Field of the Cloth of Gold. Forex feels super dry, and Im saying this as a train gamer.

I need to try out The Vote, Republic of Virtue, Reign of Witches and her solo games like Aurelian or Charlemagne etc etc.