Efka's Top Ten Games of All Time


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Here’s the list:

  1. Sidereal Confluence @@||
  2. Dune Imperium Uprising |||
  3. El Grande @@ @@ @@|
  4. Earthborne Rangers @@||
  5. Age of Innovation @@ @||
  6. Great Western Trail @@ ||
  7. Ra @@ @@ @@ @@ @
  8. Feast For Odin. @@ @@|
  9. Concordia Venus @@ @|||
  10. Heat: Pedal to the Metal ||||

Immediate reactions:
Aligned list.
Apparently I need to look at Earthborne Rangers? Can’t say never heard of it but close to that level.


Heat is a good game. Nothing wrong with Heat. But it doesn’t seem to go with those others.

The only ones I’ve played are 10, 9 (original) and 2… and I didn’t hate them, but I wouldn’t mind if I never played any of them again. Wouldn’t mind trying #1 some time though.

  1. Own but unplayed, sadly.
  2. Own a variant of, will probably get this as well. Enjoy very much. Might make my own Top 10? Or not.
  3. Used to own. Friends still have it. It‘s been a long time since I played. It‘s okay?
  4. Own. Want to play more. But I don‘t get how hyped some people are about it
  5. Own a variant of, actually 2 but have played neither in a long time. Very good but can‘t get it to the table anymore
  6. Own a variant of. Have played the base version, it‘s good but wouldn‘t make my personal top 10
  7. Own. Have yet to play with a group (have played as an app)
  8. Own. Have played and enjoy it but not a Top 10 game. Top 5 designer though.
  9. Own. Have played. I like it fine.
  10. Own. Have played. I like it fine.

I know all of these games. But only one of them would probably make my own Top 10. So my overlap in broad taste is pretty big with Efka. But we differ in the specifics :slight_smile: Or I just have such a huge collection that the overlap was inevitable.

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  • SideCon - Played it but not enough. But I heard how deep the negotiation is from Geekbuddies

  • Dune Imperium Uprising - played the OG. It was rather meh.

  • El Grande - classic area control

  • Earthborne Rangers - never played beyond the demo. I found it very cute!

  • Age of Innovation - I need more plays but has potential to be the best of the 3.
    Age of Innovation
    Terra Mystica
    Gaia Project

  • GWT - standard boiler plate Euro

  • Ra - not the best Knizia. But I found that people who love Ra are people who hate auctions because it’s hard for them to grasp the opaqueness of the better auction games.

  • Feast for Odin - felt that Fields of Arle is better, but would love to see more plays of AFFO

  • Concordia Venus - I thought this is a nice twist to OG Conc with its team gameplay. But Concordia is just too easy to calculate for me nowadays with the potential winners/losers are pretty much determined at early game.

  • Heat - Alright. This is a pretty cool game, I have to say, now that I get to play this more.