Earthborne Rangers, Forest Shuffle, Planta Nubo, Sonny Liew and 1819: Singapore


Every year in board games there’s a new fad. Legacy, polyominoes, roll and writes and trick takers. This year’s fad seems to be less genre based and more societally concious. Here at NPI every week we encounter more and more board games that reduce their use of wasteful material such as plastics. On this episode alone two of the three games discussed are 100% recyclable (if you ignore the stickers that hold the lid on the box). And the third one is themed around enviromental issues. How amazing is that?

But on top of that, they’re really interesting games in their own right. Honestly, this feels like a celebration.

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On to the timestamps:

1:43 Audience Correspondence - Contentification Part One

3:51 Earthborne Rangers

27:52 Audience Correspondence - Contentification Part Two

36:32 Forest Shuffle

59:10 Sonny Liew and the Two Board Games Called 1819: Singapore

1:25:31 Planta Nubo

1:42:06 Audience Correspondence - Contentification Part Three

Also on YouTube:

I checked out the Planta Nubo segment and find myself agreeing to what they said.
Lots and lots of interlocking systems. I need to play again to see how good rules retention is. But I am not exactly super-keen to do so.

Forest shuffle sounded like it’s worth a try.

I have played it at SPIEL and it was pretty good. Might buy when my FLGS has it again.

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