Earth, Lacuna, Voidfall


From Earth to Space to the abstract void in between, this episode has a little bit of everything, including a game that made Efka feel like he had to give a rating. That’s right, a bona fide numerical value asigned to the perceived quality of a game. What will they think of next? Verdicts? Comparisons? In the future, anything will be possible.

On this episode of Talk Cardboard we review the many many card game Earth, the impossibly adorable abstract two player only game Lacuna and share our first impressions of the heaviest euro game of the year - Voidfall.

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On to the timestamps:

0:00 Review Copies and NPI

6:13 Earth

25:20 Audience Correspondence - Game Wear and Tear

31:01 Lacuna

45:21 Audience Correspondence - Aeon’s End

52:16 Voidfall First Impressions

Ah, Efka ranting about bears in Ark Nova again

Screams into pillow

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