Dune: Imperium - We Were Wrong?


First NPI, now SUSD. The ouroborus of reviewing discourse :joy:

My impression, from a 2/3 play in less than ideal circumstances (a noisy pub), was pretty much of a fairly standard deckbuilder with multiple interlocking progress tracks, and I can see how one could get into it but it needed a hook to grab me - if I were a deckbuilder fan, or a progress tracks fan, or a Dune fan, sure, but I’m more “quite like, neutral, mildly dislike”.

(I’m very fortunate that people aren’t hanging on my words to make or break a game. I mean, if you read my reviews at Zatu, I’m saying good things, but (a) I wouldn’t undertake to review something I didn’t like in the first place and (b) I always try to put in some negative “you won’t like this if you have this specific preference” points.)


Interesting timing: Has anyone played or have an opinion about...? - #380 by Benkyo

This indicates to me that I should wait for uprising to come out in a digital edition.