Dream Crush Review - Those Who Are About to Gush Salute You



Seems like this one didn’t get much traction, so lemme make a few points:

  1. I feel like Quinns was a little more himself here. This was nice to see, especially in light of some ongoing discussion here (to which I agree) about the presentation lately

  2. OMFG I have to have this game immediately.

There’s not much I feel like I really need to add to #2 there, but I’m gonna: My friends had a brief chat after the video launched yesterday, and one of the prevailing sentiments was that it looked like a spin on Cards Against Humanity. I feel like this is arguably true, but based on what I saw presented, I’m not actually getting that vibe at all. The first thing that came to mind, for me anyway, was Guess-Who-Decrypto. This is tantalizing.

As a secondary consideration, one of our friends had mentioned they were kind of “past” these types of games. Again, I had no real argument except to say that this is precisely the kind of game I pull out with my non-gaming friends (let’s qualify this: my cards and wits & wagers crowd) for a damn good time.

Anyway, I’m picking this up at the earliest opportunity. It is so hot I want to scream.

@Seryn sneaky ping just since you were involved.


I don’t see CAH at all. It feels like it has more in common with ‘what-am-I-thinking’ games like Mysterium, Dixit or Wavelength - games where the joy is in the conversations that are created rather than the game itself.


I agree. I think maybe the strain of the pandemic didn’t help the SUSD crew either. How can you make videos about a social hobby when social basically doesn’t exist? It seems like he was able to meet some people for gaming and it made him happy.

I need to check the price on that game before I consider it. I do have a group this would fit into quite well. but language is an issue and I doubt there is a German version.


Even a SUSD review can’t sell me on this one

Although, years ago, I did llike Billionaire Banshee, but no one in my group did


Yeah this screams ‘fun throw around for an evening or two, but don’t spend any money on it’ to me.


In the review comments someone pointed out that it’s very much an updated variant of the actual-80s game Heartthrob.


It’s kind of interesting if they’re leaning more into the restoration games territory after officially linking up for unmatched.


I was mostly distracted by who I thought was Elijah wood cameoing as Frances.


This feels like an intersection of multiple games.

  • Fog of Love, yeah, but without the over-complex mechanics which felt to me as though they were trying to introduce role-playing without that scary characterisation stuff. Yeah, you can play your character, but you’re going into this relationship planning to win it.
  • Red Flags, Billionaire Banshee, etc., that whole “produce a weird combination of cards and get people to laugh at it” style of game that’s not quite as horrible as CAH. But those are all one-off laughs, and the iterated nature of gameplay here seems to be what makes it.
  • A competitive version of Mysterium as @Number1TheLarch says: you try to guess B’s compulsory hints before B guesses yours.

The SU&SD Effect has kicked in and boardgameprices shows it out of stock with everyone who might supply it to the UK.


The question is whether it was in stock before the review. Unmatched and Outpost 31 haven’t been well stocked, especially in Europe (seemed a lot better in the States?).

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