Distribution of Game Geography

I was a bit curious about the distribution of my game settings, geographically. This of course got very complicated post-question, what with games that are abstract or have setting which are suggestive but non-specific, etc. After probably too much playing with categories, this is what I came up with:

Region Subregion Count
Europe 53
Europe France 13
Europe England 8
Europe Classical Rome/Greece 6
Europe Germany 6
Europe Scotland 5
Europe Ireland 3
Europe Norway 2
Europe Spain 2
Europe Continental 2
Europe Italy 2
Europe Switzerland 1
Europe Austria 1
Europe Czechia 1
Europe Brussels 1
Asia 19
Asia Middle East 5
Asia India 3
Asia Japan 3
Asia China 2
Asia Afghanistan 1
Asia Russia 1
Asia Taiwan 1
Asia Philippines 1
Asia Indonesia 1
Asia Cambodia 1
Americas 18
Americas USA 15
Americas Mexico 2
Americas Gulf/Caribbean 1
Africa 3
Africa Egypt 2
Africa Zimbabwe 1
Pacific Polynesia 1
Antarctica Antarctica 1
Global Global 10
Fantasy 34
Fantasy High Fantasy 9
Fantasy Middle Earth 6
Fantasy Imaginative 5
Fantasy Animorphic 4
Fantasy Indines 3
Fantasy Mishmash 2
Fantasy D&D 2
Fantasy Future / Tech 2
Fantasy Wonderland 1
Space 32
Space Imagined 15
Space Observable 7
Space Star Wars 4
Space Solar System 3
Space Dune 2
Space Warhammer 1
Setting 40
Setting Medieval / Colonial 11
Setting Zoo 5
Setting Manufacturing 5
Setting Exploration / Jungle 3
Setting Apocalypse 3
Setting Farm & Garden 3
Setting Art Gallery 2
Setting Urban 2
Setting Prehistory 2
Setting Ocean 2
Setting Circus 1
Setting Horse Racing 1
Abstract 46
Abstract Cards 7
Abstract Words 8
Abstract Nature 8
Abstract Art & Crafts 6
Abstract Numbers 6
Abstract Abstract 4
Abstract Psychology 2
Abstract Trivia 2
Abstract Food 1
Abstract Trains 1
  • Sorry, I don’t know how to format it better in this context. Summary rows should be highlighted…

  • “Setting” is a somewhat in-between category for games that are not abstract, they have a sense of place, and yet are not tied to a specific geography. In some cases it was rather clear (Curious Cargo is set in a generic factory) and in other cases not (is Modern Art properly Setting:Art Gallery or Abstract:Art and Crafts?)

  • I’m surpised at the prevalence of France here. Germany isn’t so much a surprise, given how it is the seat of the hobby and given Uwe Rosenberg. France got a boost from the entire West Kingdom collection but still…
    Castles of Burgundy, Flamme Rouge, Carcassonne, Troyes, Rococo…

  • I’m also surpised at the lack of South American settings. Quest for El Dorado could have gone there, given the specifics of the myth, but I put it in Setting:Jungle & Exploration instead. Australia/New Zealand is also sparse. I realize Great Western Trail can solve two of these but how many trails does a person need?