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I’m going to run an online game of Mothership next week. Mothership involves rolling 2d10 a lot, one for tens and one for units.

This is my first time as a GM and I want to make it as smooth as possible. I know there is a D10 that has faces of 00, 10, 20 etc.

Does anyone have a recommendation of an app/ website that will have that type of d10 and a standard d10 that’s going to be easy for me to parse please?

If its tens and units, its called a D100. Most dice rollers should have that

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This is normally called a percentile, d100 or d% roll. Most dice roller systems will support it, including this one I wrote: Dice roller JS.


Roger’s dice roller is simple and effective. Recommended.

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Do you want the players to use the die roller?
Do you want the rolls to be publicly available?
Do you want to integrate with a virtual tabletop or similar application?

@RogerBW 's roller is going to be perfect I think.

Am currently going into a Roll20 rabbit hole. It looks great, but I fear it will create TTS esque frustration by me being not great with tech

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Roll20’s die roller is easiest to use from the chat tab. Commands like “/roll 3d6” and “/roll 2d20” do just what they sound like. For the Mothership rolls you described, it’s just “/roll d100”.

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For an android app, I have one called “RPG Simple Dice.”

Free, minimal, and perfectly functional.

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If you just need something basic to throw some tokens on so people know where they are, etc, https://www.owlbear.rodeo/ is great. It will let you import maps and such and add your own token designs if you want.

It has a built-in dice roller too.