Daily posting limit


I’m in the grip of a daily posting limit, which is not what I was expecting.

Has the deluge of my e-mails got you worried?


Once you get some more “likes” that should go away - it’s to deal with hit-and-run spammers.


Bit of a Catch-22. I can’t make posts without getting likes, and I can’t get likes without making posts!


A general note to everyone - it’s worth using the “like” button on posts you think are good, specifically because the user promotion system is driven by it. That said, if you’re running up against posting limits and I know you, send me a message and I’ll bump your user level.


Background: In the past 363 days I have sent 45 emails to podcast@tekeli.li suggesting subjects for @RogerBW and @MichaelCule to discuss on the podcast. About 35% have hit the mark.


35% so far. I have a bunch still sitting in the “possible future segments” box. :slight_smile: