Crunchy Euros & Abstracts - AwSHUX Previews


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Crunchy Euro is usually not for me, but genuinely abstract can be… it’s thematic disconnection that annoys me.

Bitoku – yes, a lovely æsthetic. The plethora of spaces makes me think initially of A Feast for Odin reimagined as a dice-placement game. I really like the modifiable board and player mats. Chance I will ever play this: almost none.

Mythic Mischief – that’s not abstract, and it doesn’t seem super crunchy either. Does look like fun, though, in spite of the uninspiring setting; looks a bit like a smaller version of the dispiriting Wildlands, without the whole “you can’t do that obvious thing because you don’t have the right card” bit. Shame about all the plastic, mind.

Icaion – heavy on the iconography, and the plastic, and the names just sound silly; indeed the whole theme just sounds like made-up words. But it may well appeal to people who aren’t me.

Fleet: The Dice Game – it’s probably unfair that I was put off Fleet by the original game. At least this one is actually about fishing rather than just getting fishing licences.

Isle of Cats (Sovranti) – goodness that looks bad, very choppy. Would I rather have no visible opponent, or an opponent staring dead-eyed at me?

Brick & Mortar – I am resolutely unseduced by the art. I like the bidding system, and the wheels. Quite intrigued; I’ll play this if I see it.

Termite Towers – doesn’t grab me but I’m not sure why.


I waffled a bit about backing Mythic Mischief when the campaign was live. Making overproduced games is their thing I guess. I ended up passing because I only ever played Moonrakers a couple times so far and I also passed on Veiled Fate (but I am eagerly waiting for reports on that one).

Even for me this looks too much. Someone wrote somewhere it’s like Studio Ghibli meets Lacerda and while the asthetic is lovely, the game–after watching Radho do his thing for 10 minutes–is a pass for me. I would play if someone else brought it to the table but the likelihood of that is Ɛ<0

Yeah, no. I am waiting to find time for an actual gamenight at the friends’ place who got the physical game for her birthday (from me and a few others).

Well, it’s termites?

Ahhh, I need to find the time to watch these videos.

I was expecting way better from Tom’s mention on the podcast. I don’t think it’s awful but it’s not winning any awards from me!

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Mythic Mischief looked like the best of this lot, to me. Seems like it would be silly fun, but with a good degree of strategy with the asymmetric abilities.

I’m super intrigued by Bitoku. I just watched all the vids, and that’s one of two games that REALLY stuck with me (the other being Somewhere Under The Raindow).

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