Controversial Opinion - I don't like the jingles on the podcast


Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place but does anybody else find the “jazzy” podcast transitions really annoying?

I know that maybe the old jingles they had were possibly generic ones and not unique to SUSD but I personally preferred them. I had been listening to a whole bunch of the older ones to hear their opinions on some games when it suddenly changed one day. I have of course listened to newer podcasts as well so I’ve known about the change for ages but I wish they’d kept the old style as the new one is a bit naff in my opinion. And that’s all it is - my opinion.

But as I hadn’t seen anybody else mention this I wondered if others who have been long time listeners felt the same?


I didnt mind. I like Jazz. So, it’s hard to dislike that tune! :joy:


Welcome, TastefulGore!

They don’t do anything for me, but I have very particular tastes in jazz and they feel like naff imitation jazz to me – but so does a lot of jazz which other people love, so meh.


That’s the thing, I really quite like some jazz too and I agree that it sounds like naff imitation!


When they first changed I remember thinking, “What is this? Give me the old jingles back!”

Having just gone back and listened to the start of an old podcast, I think they’re both… fine? I can’t honestly say I prefer one over the other, although the old one may have earned extra points just now for being followed up by Paul introducing the episode!

P.S. Am I the only one who can’t help but smile whenever I read the word “podcastle” on the SU&SD website?


I don’t like them but do find them recognisable (I’m humming it just thinking about it now, argh!) so in that sense I think they probably do the job.


Did they mention somewhere they wanted purposefully naff jingles? I think when they first had the new ones they talked about leaning on to something Alan Partridge would think is good?

It might not be controversial of the creators of the podcast agree that it’s a crap jingle that they’ve chosen for making them laugh


This is my favourite recent topic, I look forward to hearing more opinions about the apparent controversial choice in music. Personally I quite like the vibe? I think it does feel suitably cheesy and silly, which is what they were going for.

I’ll qualify this by adding that I am absolutely not a jazz person. So I defer to the jazz-lovers’ opinions and sympathise with the difficulty of hearing something you appreciate getting a little butchered :smiley:

Having gone exploring in Podcast Transcript Space, they changed over in #90:

Extra special thanks to musician and super cool guy Mr. Steve Davit for hooking us up with those sexy new musical stings, and helping us to make our 2019 that much brassier.

From the transcripts:
Matt: […] And that is not the first bit of hot new brass that you will have seen – or heard, with your ears – on this podcast today.
Quinns: No, that’s right! We have updated our theme! Which previously we liked to describe as “Affordable BBC World Service.” It’s now “Sexy Late Night Talk Show.”
Matt: Yeah! We thought it would be funny to have a ridiculously 90s saxophone intro and stings, so we hope you like it! We like it. It was done by Steve Davit, who is a saxophonist in a band called Marian Hill, also a fan of the show. He does his solo stuff, and we asked him to do something that sounded like a 90s talk show, something slightly embarrassing.
Quinns: Yeah, something a bit embarrassing. We’ve now got stings we can play with, you can look forward to them later, but most importantly, because this is by, now, a real fan of Shut Up & Sit Down who lives – I believe – around Philadelphia, it means he can come with us to PAX Unplugged this year. This is like more than fifty percent of the reason why we changed our sting.


OK so “slightly embarrassing” was obviously the intention then. Good find!


I remember that I was annoyed when they changed them, but also I can’t remember what the old ones sounded like. Which was kinda the point with them, you heard them and then forgot them. The new sound is more distinctive, but also kind of brash and distracting. So :man_shrugging:

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I, too, preferred the old jingles.

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I like it. :slight_smile:


I’m not particularly excited about the new sounds, but my chief complaint is that they’re too loud.

Do you have an example? The only thing I can think of from the podcast is the little intro song. Otherwise, I can’t think of the other jingles they have in the podcast; they’re escaping me for some reason.

They generally add little—are they called stings?—between their discussions of different games. These days, it’s a “blurpy” saxophone.

I’ve grown to like the new jingles: I’m a sucker for saxophone. The descriptions of the old jingles are spot on too: they were like the music from old British educational TV programmes from the 80s and 90s.

After listening to some other podcasts recently there’s something I really appreciate about the SUSD jingles and stings and that is that they’re short. A few other podcasts have really long intros and breaks between segments and they’re just distracting or confusing. Also dubstep can get a bit boring. :slight_smile:

That said: if the SUSD podcast is ever looking for a new musical format, Matt has already created it!