Continuum 2018 and all that

Just wanted to say I had a great time at Continuum last weekend, and I did spot the esteemed Mr Cule cutting quite a dashing figure among the throng of tee-shirt wearers, myself included! I didn’t get the chance to introduce myself as a fan of IRTD, but I trust that he enjoyed the event as much as I did.



I had a grand old time and at least one person did introduce themselves as a fan and if I could remember who it was I wouldn’t have visited the bar as often as I did.

If you see what I mean.

Indeed, for 'twas just outside the bar that I saw you wandering past on the way to a Runequest session I believe? It was a good one this time, and I hope Roger can be persuaded to try Continuum in future.

One of these days… I’m not really very much into either RQ/Glorantha or freeforms, so it’s not one I’ve tried, but many people whom I enjoy gaming with seem to go there.

Roger, as a long-time attendee of Continuum I can assure you it isn’t just Glorantha and freeforms or LARPS. There’s a helluva lot of other decent quality gaming going on!