Complete BBC Micro Games Archive

All of my childhood computer games, playable in a web browser:

I ‘lost’ hours to this last night. I did some space trading and defeated some pirates in Elite. I played a few levels of the ever-delightful Imogen. I made it to level 11 of Thrust. I repeatedly disappointed Star Fleet in Starship Command (2022 edition(!!)), and tried out the 2019 (once again, “!!”) port of Stunt Car Racer; along with firing up loads of other classics for a quick nostalgic look, and being generally gobsmacked that there are a lot of new things. 180+ titles dated 2000 of later. You can play Wordle on a BBC Micro, for goodness sakes.


Is Chucky Egg on there?

And Sphinx Adventure (possibly the worst thing that has ever existed)?

Play Chuckie Egg.

“There are more than 3000 games on the website” according to the site’s description, so I think it’s a fair bet that anything you remember is there.

There are two edu-tainment games I remember from my early school days which were probably played on Acorn Archimedes.

One you played as a badger and was a bit Oregon Trail-esque, it normally ended with your badger dieing.

The other was a bit more science focussed and had you making circuits, etc. to solve your way out of problems but it had a story behind it. There was a space station at one point and I have a vague recollection of prominent figures from history. This was all 25+ years ago so there’s a chance a few have blurred together.

I’ve never come across the latter despite a couple of trawls. It’s good that resources like this exist though.

There was a game called Professor Moriarty on the Archimedes which was a problem solver/ early platformer

Now I think about it, I’m fairly certain it involved Aztecs, in space.

Why are they still enforcing copyright on Granny’s Garden?

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Copyright is 90% the cold dead hand of the rentier.

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You mean Inca?

No, I don’t think so. The graphics were a bit more cartoony and you were collecting things like wire and magnets to solve puzzles.