Clash of Cultures (recruitment)

Any interest for the new Clash of Cultures: Monumental Edition?
Here are my sample graphics for the PFB game

Rulebook link?

Very popular game nowadays. Recreation from the classic 2012 boardgame.
Here is the link to the rulebook.

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I’m interested. Never played before.

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Ok. We’ll await more players…

Sign me up as well

I’ve played only once before. I’d like to play it here.

Okay everyone. If you are all in agreement, we can go ahead and start a 3 player game. If another person joins us prior to the end of the round, all the better. Have you all had a chance to view the cultures available? If there are no conflicts, we’ll see if everyone chooses differently. Perhaps give me your top 3.

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Agreed. Do you want them in pm or here?

Any method is fine.

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1 Rome
2 Maya
3 Egypt

1 Aztecs
2 China
3 Babylonia

Silly question here.

Food, you don’t have to consume any of it each turn do you? There’s no running costs to cities at all?

No. No upkeep

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Okay, slight delay with Ben… but for the moment looks like we have
Ross = Rome
Travis = Aztecs
Ben =

When we are ready I will be creating a new folder for the game.

Still haven’t read the rules, but if I’m up against two civs that always seem to be expansionist military monsters in these kind of games, I guess I had better pick one that will probably be given perks that might hold up against them…

So, uh, Persia?

Cool! that might be the way to go.

@Delwayne asked for a die roll:
2d16: 2 + 15 = 17

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What does everyone think of the game so far? or rather, the method being used for this PBF version? I apologize there may be times when I’m away at work and not able to access any internet (Discourse website). @Benkyo @RossM @MIGHTYSploosh

The format is fine, thanks for doing it!

A few non-essential requests:

I would like to see a player’s civ tech card snuggled up next to the main tech board each time you post it, rather than all 3 in an image every now and again.

I have the leaders image bookmarked, so I can reference that as required, but it might also be nice to have a leader card in play depicted in the tech screen image.

It would be nice if each time you sent us new cards, you sent an image of all the cards we have rather than just the new ones.

It would also be nice to have a coordinate system on the map image to facilitate communication and avoid errors/typos. Like, I wrote NW when I meant NE, and I think Travis did the same thing earlier. If we could write “move settler from 2-A to 2-B” or whatever, that would be clearer and hopefully cut down on mistakes.