Chronicle Tenets - what do you want?

You and I need to come up with a set of Chronicle Tenets (usually 3), based on anything from genre emulation, dramatic irony, personal taste or real-life player concerns.

Tenets will impose moral sanction and degeneration on the characters when violated (this is how Vampires lose humanity and gradually become monsters). Tenets apply to all PCs, even if a character doesn’t hold this belief personally – the game encourages having a few such conflicts. For instance, if the group decides Thou Shalt Not Kill is one of their Tenets, the game mechanics will still affect the hired assassin character who has Pay Me Enough and I’ll Whack Anyone as his personal Conviction.

Post your suggestions here.

The point of Tenets is that they will be challenged or broken during the game. So if the group picks Never Harm Children and Never Stare into the Abyss, then you are telling the GM you want a game full of murdered kids and rife with sanity loss from learning horrible truths about reality.

It is therefore really, really important the players flag up to the GM in advance any topics they don’t want included in the game. Like a sort of pre-arranged X-Card.

That does not have to be a public conversation - you can PM or email me.

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I think I want to get a character concept outlined before tenets, if that’s OK?

Yes that’s fine. I just want threads on everything so folk can throw ideas at them.

“Blood is thicker than water”

Chronicle tenets now finalised as:

  • My city right or wrong
  • Avoid collateral damage
  • Never deny true love