[CHARACTER] The history of Garrick Greenman (companion)

Garrick Greenman is a moorsman, used to leading his life amongst the lands of Yorkshire. He is older, and knows the wilderness. He provides (probably illicit) game for the Covenant, and is known as a safe pair of hands for the odd job or two. He prefers his own company - and that of his faithful rabbiting ferret, Laurence - and the outdoors, but is comfortable round the kitchen table with the servants for a day or two.

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Character sheet here

I’ll take a look soon: his poaching is going to bring him into conflict with the Constable of Pickering who controls the local forests. Which is all to the good.

Excellent - hope it stands up!

There’s one big problem at the moment and one minor one.

The big problem is that you have forgotten that being Poor reduces your starting Ability pool. You are so hardscrabble that you don’t have time to pick up useful information.

Taking out Poor makes the Ability totals only 5 points too much. I’m not able to see where the problem is. Can you?

Oh, and you’re going to have to find three Flaw points to make up for Poor or reduce the ability scores.

Ok I shall have a look later!

Thanks @MichaelCule I have spotted the rule I was missing and have altered my skills to match the poor trait to keep it. I note I am 40 and in the other thread you mentioned aging - feel free to apply as appropriate.

On the 5 extra points it may be the 5 bonus points for animal ken as per page 62 - choosing the ability gives you animal ken 1? Otherwise cant see.

Also listened to the past 2 podcasts as well!

This version did balance and I found what I was doing wrong with Animal Ken (adding it twice which you’d think wouldn’t work but…)

So all I have to do is roll the five aging rolls. Fortunately Roger has already built this facility in!

So the first roll is Stress (no botches) plus 4 (for age) minus 1 for healthy living conditions on the Yorkshire Moors.

[stress 0=3]

So that’s Age increases by one year but no other effect.

I try the same again:

[stress 0+3]

I’m sorry: I can’t tell if this is working. I’ll go and petition Roger.

EDITED TO ADD: No, that’s me making assumptions again. Roger hopes to have it up soon. (Oooh, eeer, matron!)

Ok - should I wait on the system? I think there is a general dice roller and I can look up what I need to do, but happy to wait.

Well, you can always just {roll d10} only with square brackets.

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@DJCT asked for a die roll:
d10: 1
d10: 8
d10: 3
d10: 5
d10: 2

@MichaelCule asked for a die roll:
Right. So let me deal with that issue!

stress 0+3: 1 × 6 = 6, +3 = total 9

@MichaelCule asked for a die roll:
First year aging just raises apparant age.

stress 0+3: 1 × 8 = 8, +3 = total 11

@MichaelCule asked for a die roll:
Second aging roll adds one aging point to Intelligence. (Rolled randomly off the board.) Which unfortunately drops his Int by one. And adds a point to his score for increasing Decrepitude if I’m getting this right.

stress 0+3: 1 × 4 = 4, +3 = total 7

@MichaelCule asked for a die roll:
Nothing on the third roll.

stress 0+3: 1 × 2 = 2, +3 = total 5

@MichaelCule asked for a die roll:
Nothing on the fourth roll.

stress 0+3: 1 × 4 = 4, +3 = total 7

And nothing on the fourth. So Garrick starts the game with his Int at -1 and one xp in Decrepitude.

Ok thanks!