[CHARACTER] Roswitha of Barking (companion)

No numbers yet; I’m just trying to get the basic idea of who this person is. Subject to change.

Edythe is a scholarly nun who has been allowed access to the covenant

  • because she wants access to its library (she already knows most things that can be known, and wants to know more)
  • to bring the magi onto the path of righteousness
  • because the covenant is prepared to pay her convent a pittance, and convents are always poor

In template terms, this is a hybrid of the Female Scholar and the Mystic Nun (without a lot of mysticism). Obviously my model is Hildegard of Bingen, with a slight bias towards going out and doing.

Where the convent is should be established - close enough that she can reside there most of the time?

I would suggest Keldholme Priory, as it’s a convent only about 8 miles away from Pickering?

At Yedingham (a short distance away to the east) is a priory of Benedictine Nuns.

How close do you want Mother Prioress to be?

Don’t forget some skill in music if you want to follow your model closely.

Hmm, should probably be far enough away that when she says “I’m going to need some enclosed space at the covenant rather than constantly going back and forth” it’s a plausible thing. I make Yedingham only about an hour’s walk away.

Then Keldholme looks more likely. Fine.

The name got changed a bit and we haven’t yet released the character generation recording but Roswitha has ended up as a Female Scholar who has visions of Heaven but not the supernatural gifts to understand them. She’s genuinely religious though not to the point of True Faith.