[CHARACTER] Diligentius ex Guernicus

Diligentius was born to be a lawyer’s clerk, perhaps eventually rising to actual lawyer. He cares about truth, justice, and finding them in the fiddly small details. He is most certainly bookish rather than social, though there’s something about him which makes ladies want to get him out of his shell. (He’s quite happy in his shell, thanks, even if he does have a tendency towards hopeless passions. And to a perfectly natural understanding that he is Better Than You.)

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Diligentus uses the template of the standard Guernicus with the addition of Major Personality Flaw Pride which pays for his Gentle Gift.

(People may find him annoying and rather up himself but he’s not going to be tagged as automatically creepy and untrustworthy.)

He’s English by Birth: I wonder if he went abroad for his apprenticeship or is the pupil of one of the three other Quaesitores in Stonehenge? Probably better if he’s not tied to a local master…

You’ll be able to listen to the two of us bumbling through character creation on the next IMPROVISED RADIO THEATRE WITH DICE.


The template seems to be pushing quite hard into a William of Baskerville-shaped mould, but let’s see what happens.