Carrom Review & The World of Wooden Board Games!


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One of my old board game group has an Indian Carrom board which we played on a few times. I don’t really recognise the rules that SU&SD described in the video though.

Maybe it’s just my memory or as newbies we were playing a simpler version.

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How many times will they taunt me to buy a crokinole board?


Carrom is so much cheaper and a brilliant game in its own right.

Plus Carrom King videos on YouTube are fantastic

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I often think about buying Carooka but haven’t taken the plunge yet. Then again, I have a dart board that gets regular use. Oh, and Pitch Car.

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Just try a game, you can decide for yourself whether you want to buy one. Eh @Whistle_Pig ?


That’s how they get you. Your first taste is always free.


“Harrumph, grouch, moan, these aren’t board games… grumble, grizzle, grump…”

…goes back to shouting at cloud…

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