Card Game Previews: Astra, The Great Split, NISEI: Midnight Sun, Keystone: North America, and more!


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(Roger’s Negative Reviews)

Immediate visceral reactions, for which my scale is more or less (1) don’t care, (2) will play if someone waves it under my nose but will probably forget about it, (3) will seek it out for a demo, (4) will buy unplayed (very rare). I’m starting from the position of having lots of games I like and little space for new acquisitions, so I’m certainly being harsher than I was five or ten years ago.

00:48 Astra - visually this is aimed directly at me. Pity it’s a foo-and-write but it looks more interactive than most and I’d like to try it. 3
04:42 The Great Split - theme does nothing for me. Iterated cut-choose seems like a thin reed to base a whole game on (but I own Among Thieves which is basically iterated prisoner’s dilemma). 2
08:54 Keystone: North America - visually reminds me of the art choices in Ark Nova, which I don’t love. Might well be a decent game but I’m not grabbed; seems to do things that a lot of other games do already, in a slightly different arrangement. 2 and a :black_cat:
14:42 Moonrakers Expansions - doesn’t look as though there’s anything wrong with it but nothing particularly right either. 2
24:09 Canopy - Moar :fire:. Pretty, but feels like a big gap between theme and mechanics. 2
28:20 Netrunner: Midnight Sun - ooh Project Nisei will be at Essen (they’re in the catalogue under that name). I should definitely sell my copy of Sakura Arms. 3
32:39 Wormwood - I will not get into another two-player expandable duelling game. Just keep saying that. 3…


The Great Split piqued my interest, as it looks lovely, but the mechanics seem pretty bland. And I wasn’t seeing much theme other than in the art.

Plus I already have Skyward which seems to work similarly, but a) is much more compact, and b) has pigeons and a cat with a jetpack.


We have Canopy but haven’t got around to playing it yet

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Canopy and Keystone were the stand-outs there. Maybe I just have a thing for cute animals?