Carcassonne Strategy Guide (Book)

This is really good!!!

It covers a lot of strategy, written by one of the top UK players, and it covers all the main expansions and has a few interviews including one with the game’s creator.

What I really liked about it though, is that it was so funny!


Hi Jem and welcome to the forums.

Is there a competitive Carcassonne scene? I remember I have seen tournaments organized at SPIEL but never gave it much thought. I admit I have lost track of the number of addons and variants that have been published.

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Yes there is, one of the chapters of the book is all about that. The UK Championship is usually held at UK Games Expo and the winner represents the UK at the World Championship in Essen.

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Funny - I restarted the podcast from the very beginning. I’m currently somewhere in the 50’s and Paul was talking about how he loves Carcassonne and that he was getting pretty good at it… But then he played a lady (I cannot recall her name or how he was acquainted with her) and she totally demolished him. She was able to count the tiles and place things in certain places knowing what tile were left in the bag and what not.

Then I come here and find this!